How to Capture ScreenShot with Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Taking a screen shot with samsung galaxy s4 mini is really very simple thing to do, even though the original Samsung Galaxy S4 has two methods by which one can easily capture a screen in a matter of second.

But the S4 Mini has been made with only one method, and there is no any technical thing involves in it . Just read on the tip below,

How to Capture Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Go to the screen where you want to take screen shot,

– Press and hold both ” Home Button “ and ” Power / Lock Buttton” at same time for few sec till you hear a captured sound .

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– Once the screen is captured, Notification will appear with the option to ‘Delete, Edit, Share ‘

Isn’t that simple ?

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On the Edit option, you have various functions like Crop, Change color, Effects, Rotate .

This is how you can capture a screen with your samsung galaxy s4 mini smartphone .

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