Get Free Invite Code for AVIATE Launcher App for Android – Yahoo


aviate,android,appAviate is one of the most popular launcher app for android which is still in beta also invite only , i know many of you may not heard about it but for those who’ve already signed up for invitation ,we have good news today !

Yahoo buys Aviate the latest acquisition by Marrisa Mayer, so there are lot more things coming ,the first thing being yahoo announced 25000 invite code for AVIATE .

UPDATE : Download Aviate for Android Free ( No Invite Code Needed )

Yes, now it’s simple as Download the avaite launcher app from google play store > Enter Invite code > start using it .Yahooo !

I’ve already made a post about Aviate launcher app for android and why i’m loving it . The another app in the launcher category , the one which impressed everyone with its unique function Coverscreen app for android – which brings you the app you use the most .

Here is the official word from the team on Yahoo’s acquisition ,

Aviate has joined Yahoo!

Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere. The technology and product will remain the same — it’s simply going to get better, faster.

Aviate Launcher app for android Free download

The app developed by ThumbsUp Labs, launched on play store last year , merely got two updates so far . Now the team is working on to roll out new updates with many new features .

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Download Aviate for Free – Download

The app has come out of beta and is available for everyone . Make Sure you share this withyour friends .

INVITE Code for Avaite Launcher App

Yahoo is giving away 25,000 invites . If you haven’t used it yet, please download the app and insert the invite code given below,

Enter Invite CODE : YAHOO

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