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Smadav Antivirus Software Free Download

There are many antivirus software available for download both Free version antivirus & Paid versions but do all of them offer protection against viruses that easily spreads through usb drives / pend drives ? Not at all, few do & many Fail todo the task .

So,for those who’re looking for a better software for this , i would like to share about Best USB Antivirus Software – the Smadav 9.3 that I’ve personally tried on my Windows 7 & Windows 8 laptops as well as on another desktop pc running Windows XP , and found to be worth keep them active as long as a good alternative comes .

Smadav is #1 USB Antivirus Software tested and ranked by many Top Security Agents & Developers, which the simple program protects your PC / Lap from trojans, malicious programs & virus which easily spreads through the USB devices like pendrives, thumb drives, flash drives .

The program is now available for free download, along side there’s also a pro version which gives you few additional feature that doesn’t have any PRO functions actually . Read on to more about the same .

It pops up whenever we connect External Drives , be it a small Pendrive or a Portable Hard disk , it scans for any virus and alerts us with the report to take an action or to ignore it .

If there is any virus or any of that kind file , We have option to Fix them individually or FIX ALL will quarantine all of’em .

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Smadav USB Antivirus Latest Version Free Download

Features of Smadav USB Antivirus :

  • Compatable with other Antivirus softwares
  • Total USB Protection
  • Best Offline Protection from USB virus spreads
  • Scan and Clean Options to get rid Off from any malicious programs .

The Scanner option in smadav lets you scan your complete system including Disk , Registry, Memory Processes  & services.

Tools Option lets you know the programs that are under Risk, Suspect level, also you have an Process Manager tab which lists current running programs .Quarantine as in any other antivirus software , all your cleaned files can be found in this tab .

Smadav USB Protection software Pro Version have few more features , which are Auto Updates, Faster Scanning, Exception Lists, Change color scheme but that doesn’t seems to be a issue , so i do suggest to go for a Free version that does the job pretty amazing .

Smadav Antivirus Software Free Download :

You may download Free version of the Smadav 9.3 Antivirus software for USB / Pendrive protection

Smadav Antivirus Software : Download

Update :

New version of smadav usb antivirus 9.5 has been released !

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  • Muhamad Farhan

    Can the software be install with another antivirus such as microsoft essential?

    • Manivasagam

      Yes you can. Smadav can be installed with anyother antivirus softwares like Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, MS Essential ..

      Thanks for the comment !

  • Андрей Шеин

    XCore antivirus free