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avg antivirus,software,free download,avg,free antivirusAntivirus is one of the most essential software every pc users must have , there are hundreds of antivirus programs available for free, but in many cases some free antivirus itself is distributed as adaware, malware , so you should choose a right free antivirus.

AVG is popularly known for its free edition or home edition of its antivirus software next to Avast the most popular security software for windows machine .

I’m writing this article after i personally used the antivirus software and different operating systems that i have here , so once i’m okay with this i come with an article to recommend for to other users .

I’ve installed the AVG Free Antivirus 2014 edition to Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems, and found out that the new version has lot of features both by design wise as well as by function wise too .

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High Performance :

If you consider faster scanning , light weight , you should try AVG , it consumes less physical memory unlike Norton Antivirus,

If your hard drive holds large amount of files, it takes time to scan for the first time , but scanning doesn’t affect your system performance , doesn’t create any lag at all .

Limited Features :

Even though it is available as ” Free Antivirus Software ” , it does the job as it has in its name, yea , it perform only the Virus scanning , and nothing more .

AVG has PC Analyser which has some extras like – Registry Error ,Junk Files, Fragmentation, Broken Shortcuts , scan them and FIX ERRORS , but you have to download AVG Tune Up Utilities for that , ofcourse it doesn’t come for free .

If you want to have secure internet browsing then AVG is not for you, it doesn’t ( free edition ) montiors your web activity , so try only if you use internet rarely .

Nowadays, virus, trojans comes mainly through the Internet , so we must have security software for internet activities like Shopping, Internet Banking, Website management, login details of your subscription based online services etc.

There few more features, but that is not for ” Free Antivirus ” , so either you have to pay for ” AVG Internet Security ” , or just stay with this .

Features of AVG 2014 Free Edition :

As you know the free version of any program have some limitations and AVG is not a exception . Here are the list of security functions that this avg can perform ,

– Detects & Stops viruses , malwares, adwares, threats .

Below are features that doesn’t come with the Free Edition,

– Scans file downloads before you actually clicks or install them .

– Blocks viruses spread through IM chats ,

– Either you are in G Rated site or A rated sites, AVG checks before you click the links .

– Protects incoming Email messages

– Bank , Shop Online safely

– Prevents Spammers, Scammers .

– Protects your personal data from hackers ,

Download AVG Antivirus Free Edition :

The free version is available for download : Official AVG

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